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enhancing your journal

one image at a time

Counterglow Icons
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counterglow is a personal icon community showcasing LiveJournal icons made by gegenschein.

I make userpics, friends-only banners, wallpaper, and other stuff. I also co-moderate geekyicons and the_iconspiracy with the talented hermintage. All of my icons (and other stuff) are organized on my website, siren.org.

If you were curious, the word "counterglow" is the English translation of the word "gegenschein," which is a German word as well as an astronomy term.

  • Comment if you take.
  • NO HOTLINKING WHATSOEVER. I pay for my bandwidth, please respect that.
  • Do not use these icons for anything other than Livejournal, GreatestJournal, Blurty, etc. that allows you to upload the icons to their webspace. Do not use the "from URL" option under any circumstances.
  • Credit is required. I don't care where you put it, but please mention me in your userpic keywords, or with a small link to counterglow in your user info!
  • Unless posted as part of an icon set, my personal icons are not for sharing

If you'd like to link to me with a button, please select one of the following, and be sure to save/upload it to your own server.

hermintage, geekyicons, quebelly feannaro, teh_indy, thefishfry, ohpaintbrush
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I keep my awards neatly organized here on my website. If you like one of my icons and are interested in nominating me for an award, I would be very honored. If you decide to nominate one of my icons, please comment or email me to let me know so I can keep track.

Many talented people on the web create wonderful Photoshop brushes that make icon-making much more fun and exciting. The list of people whose brushes that I sometimes use (other than my own, of course) is simply exhaustive!

In order to save space on this info page and make it easier to update, you can now view my list of resources here.

My name is Karen Ziemkowski. I'm 23 years old, graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Telecommunication, am married to ziemkowski, and I'm mommy to a puppy named Maya. I've been doing website design for a long time, but only recently got into making LiveJournal icons in late 2003. I hope you enjoy viewing and using them!