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Solardust Sale!

I know I haven't posted any icons in a while, but I thought some of you might like to know about my sale over at my online store.....


All accessories, gifts, and bath & body products are currently on sale for 25% off when you purchase $25 in those categories. There are tons of fun items, many of them handmade, that are currently on sale. This is a great time to stock up on Winter Holiday gifts while you have the chance!

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star trek; blending in

Natalie Portman

Six Natalie Portman icons tonight.

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Coming up next: I am redoing my old Star Trek: First Contact icons. I made the old ones two years ago, and frankly, they're awful! Now that I know quite a bit more about Photoshop, I'm redoing them, since ST:FC is one of my favorite movies. The icon I'm using on this post is one of the remade icons.
florida; suwannee river

HP-inspired and Misc icons

The following icons are inspired by Harry Potter, describing various disciplines or places within the HP world, though they use no images from the HP movies. There are also a couple of misc icons at the bottom. All stock images were found at

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black & white stare


Your eyes have not deceived you. I am, in fact, posting icons.

I have some new space icons and some Florida nature icons featuring the work of John Moran. I actually made some bases from his photos a few years ago, but I've spruced them up to look pretty, since I actually know what I'm doing in PS these days. :P

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harry potter; voldemort is so couture!

HP: 50 things I should not do at Hogwarts

It's been a long time since I've posted any icons, but I couldn't resist making some from the quotes I found over at atalantapendrag's "50 Things I should not do at Hogwarts" post (click here to read it). So, here you are - 40 wonderful HP icons!

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slytherin; medusa snake charmer

Harry Potter Sorting

Hi everyone! No, this is not an icon post. I unfortunately haven't had much Photoshop time lately though I hope that'll change! I am posting because I recently found a new community that I want to pimp to you. :)

If you love Harry Potter & want to join a great and hopefully drama-free sorting community, head on over to hr_sorting and fill out the application for Hogwarts Rising, the best up-and-coming sorting community on LiveJournal! Two friends of mine run it, and I think it's going to be great. I'm a Slytherin on there. If you join, please let them know that I referred you.

Have a great weekend!